The Most Empowering Patient Management System in the Profession



The Most Empowering Patient Management System in the Profession

Do you want to have 8 out of 10 new patients commit to full corrective care, and 8 out of 10 of those commit to Lifetime care? 

The Elite Coaching Boot Camps are advanced communication training. You will be learning how to effectively move patients from the perspective of pain relief into the desire to change their life RIGHT NOW and invest time, money, and emotional commitment into living a life of optimal spine/optimal health in a step-by-step, predictable system to create more lifetime patients than ever before.

Your patients will align their greatest desire to your spinal corrective and lifelong programs as a plan to attaining a long-term, healthy, and great life.


  • You will learn communication as a result of a compilation of materials which have been accumulated over the course of 20 years of training with communication coaches, professional life-coaching training, books with research on human behavior, including studies on human behavior from Harvard and Stanford.
  • ​You will develop the confidence to know how to handle different personality types, determine how each person thinks, acts, and makes inspired decisions, combined with core principles of spinal correction.
  • ​You will gain a personal growth experience that will grant you CLARITY, INNER POWER, and STRENGTH to be your best in every area of your life.


BOOT CAMP 1: Day 1 & Day 2 Report of Findings

This boot camp involves communication training applied to Day 1 & 2 scripts for spinal postural corrective practices. YOU WILL LEARN:


How to take patients from pain into posture and full spine, overall health awareness in 3 1/2 minutes.


Associates posture with THEIR specific organ and overall health concerns. Teaches you how to find their individual EMOTIONAL reason/inspiration that their whole spine is weak, and express their desire to make a change in their health and life NOW!

  • Day 1 Exam

How to perform a New Patient Exam that eliminates all objections. They will feel and understand their problem and your recommendations on a deeper emotional level.

  • Day 2 ROF

Learn how to interview a patient and spouse using advanced communication tools to inspire an EMOTIONAL commitment to your recommendations. Give the initial recommendations to be accepted as a patient.


The opening of the workshop is a 4 Step System where you will learn how to captivate and engage your audience so they build a relationship and trust you in the first 3 minutes of your introduction. The closing of the workshop will show you a system for receiving referrals and making your workshop the BIGGEST and most VALUABLE practice-building tool.

BOOT CAMP 2: Retention for a 60-90 day PVA

This Boot Camp will teach you how to coach and help people set lifelong health goals, establish their health as their highest priority, EMOTIONALLY commit to your corrective and maintenance recommendations to live the life of their greatest desire, and know your corrective program is the vehicle to take them there. YOU WILL LEARN:

  • Day 2 ROF

We begin with the Day 2 ROF, getting commitment to the initial recommendations to being accepted as a patient, an interview for successful commitment.

  • 7 Step ROF

This is a 7 Step process in a brief, Day 3 ROF establishing the patient and spouse's EMOTIONAL commitment to their life and health goals making their health their TOP priority. This creates high value for their "time" commitment and makes your recommendations easy and solid. We show you how to bring them to "How" they will pay for your program rather than "if" they will pay or follow through with your program.


We show you a 3 Step System to a valuable pre-pay. This shows you how to build a trusting relationship with the patient and spouse so they are willing to talk to you about their investments and "How" they will invest in your care.


The re-exam is the key to long-term retention. This is an 8 Step System inspiring the patient to live the lifestyle of optimal health through a healthy spine and nervous system. You will learn how to set short-term health goals, as well as inspire consistency, discipline, and vision toward their optimal life. With this inspiration, you keep patients referring to your practice.

This is for YOU and YOUR TEAM.
The investment is for BOOTCAMPS 1 & 2 and includes YOUR TEAM and the following:
  • CDs, DVDs, and script book on the whole patient management system from Day 1 to lifetime care. You must have training in advance on the systems and scripts covered in the boot camps. Scripts are 20% of the training.
  • ​Boot Camp attendance is an immersion experience with advanced communication training for the whole team. This is the 80% of communication training that will transform your practice overnight.
  • ​Unlimited one-on-one coaching with Dr. Fred for powerful and effective implementation into your practice. The one-on-one training begins the moment you invest, until at least 60 days after you complete your second boot camp.

We guarantee a 20-50% increase in your practice within 3 months after your second Boot Camp.


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